Payroll Internet Filing


Wage and Withholding formatted Excel files

The following are formatted sample Excel spreadsheets that you can open and save to your desktop. You may use them as a guide in order to create your own correctly formatted spreadsheets, or retype over the bogus data and use for uploads.

ME UC-1 Unemployment Contributions filers formatted spreadsheet

941ME Withholding only filers formatted spreadsheet

Select the file appropriate for your filing type. If you get a File download window, select the Save button. In the Save in: box, select the Desktop folder that you would like to save the file in. In the file name box, rename the file and then click on the save button. You may also use the File 'Save as' option and select any folder in the particular drive you would like to save it to.

Enter your own wage/withholding data starting in the first row by typing over the sample data. Once you are done, resave the file so you may use it again in the future.