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Frequently Asked Questions about Licensing


Why is there no expiration date on my certificate?

The certificate is intended to show your name, original licensure date, and license number. You will keep this document forever – no more paper documentation will be issued. For the current status and date of license expiration, you may go on line, the advantage being that the information is available 24/7 and cannot be lost or stolen.

What if I don’t have a computer?

Every town library in Maine has a computer with Internet access available to the public. Your employer also will have a computer that you may use.

What if I don’t have a credit card?

  • You may use a family member’s or friend’s, or
  • You may download an application form from our web site for completion and mail it to our office, along with your renewal fee.

I prefer not to use my credit card on line because of security concerns.

Renewing on line with a credit card is very secure. There are fire walls to protect personal information. Your credit card information is not stored. Once the process is completed, the credit card information is automatically deleted.

What if my name changes? Will I receive a new certificate and wallet card?

Your certificate/wallet card will be issued with your original and current name (for example, Jane Doe Smith). If your name changes, you MUST submit a court document to that effect (i.e., divorce, marriage) so that we can legally make the change in our licensure database system. You will not, however, receive a new certificate.

What if I lose my certificate and/or wallet card? Will I receive replacements?


What do I use as proof of licensure?

Your licensure status is available on line, at

Is on-line renewal mandatory?

Not yet. Approximately 85% of nurses with Maine licenses are successfully renewing on line and with great satisfaction.

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