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January 2002 Bulletin

Please contact the Board office if you have in your employ or know the whereabouts of the following licensees: Susan Jane Frye, R.N., Viola F. Hafford Wisotzkey, L.P.N.


Practical Nurses
For the year October 1, 2000 through September 30, 2001, 12 first time candidates educated in Maine wrote the NCLEX® examination for practical nurses and all 12 passed, a 100 % pass rate. The national pass rate for the same time period was 88.78%.

Registered Nurses
For the year October 1, 2000 through September 30, 2001, 429 first time candidates educated in Maine wrote the NCLEX® examination for registered nurses and 353 passed, an 82.3 % pass rate. The national pass rate for the same time period was 85.46%.

PASS RATES for the year October 1, 2000 through September 30, 2001

Maine Nursing Program
Number of Candidates
Number Passed
Pass Rate
Central Maine Medical Center 31 25 80.6%
Central Maine Technical College 20 15 75
Eastern Maine Technical College 24 23 95.8
Husson College 32 18 56.3
Kennebec Valley Technical College 25 22 88
Northern Maine Technical College 16 12 75
St. Joseph's College 17 15 88.2
Southern Maine Technical College 47 40 85.1
University of Maine at Augusta 54 44 81.5
University of Maine at Fort Kent 6 4 66.7
University of Maine at Orono 54 46 85.2
University of New England - AD 24 18 75
University of New England - BSN 7 6 85.7
University of Southern Maine 72 65 90.3

The statistics published in the October, 2001 Bulletin reflected only those candidates educated in Maine schools AND seeking licensure in Maine. When reviewing statistics, keep in mind absolute numbers as well as percentages.


Term Expires
Richard L. Sheehan, M.S.,R.N. Nursing service January, 2003
Jody L. Deegan, M.S.N., R.N.C. Nursing service February, 2004
Betty A. Kent-Conant, M.S.N., R.N. Educator April, 2003
Therese B. Shipps, D.N.Sc., R.N. Educator December, 2005
Kimberly Boothby-Ballantyne,M.S.,A.N.P. Advanced practice January, 2003
Kathleen A. Dugas, L.P.N. L.P.N. July, 2001
Jeanne Delicata, R.N.C. Long Term Care November, 2002
Karen L. Tripp Public member November, 2002
Hazel M. Rand Public member July, 2005

A full term appointment is for four years. 32 M.R.S.A. Section 2152 sets forth the qualifications for appointment, as follows:

  1. must be a citizen of the United States and a resident of this State for at least three consecutive years prior to appointment and shall file with the Secretary of State an oath of office before beginning service;
  2. must be a graduate of a state-approved educational program in nursing
  3. holds a current state license to practice nursing; and
  4. has at least three years' experience in active practice immediately preceding appointment

A person may NOT qualify for appointment as a public member of the board if that person or a member of that person's immediate family is serving as a member of another state licensing board; on the board of another health care agency; and, engaged for compensation in the provision of health services or the provision of health research, instruction or insurance.

Persons who meet the above qualifications and are interested in appointment to the Board of Nursing should address a letter of interest to the Governor, include an updated resume, and forward to the attention of Karen Linscott, Director, Boards and Commissions, Appointments, Office of the Governor, 1 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333.

Board Appointment

On December 6, 2001 Therese B. Shipps, D.N.Sc., R.N. Was appointed to the Board of Nursing by Governor King. She fills a vacancy in one of two seats reserved for professional nurses active in an approved educational program in nursing (preparing persons for initial licensure.)

In Appreciation

The Board extends grateful appreciation to Monica M. Collins, Ed.D., R.N.C., who served as a member of the board from August, 1992 to December, 2001 and as Board chair for two years during that time period.



Gregory P. Fahey
Lovell, ME
Eff. Date: 12/28/2001


Patricia A. Fitzpatrick
Burnham, ME
Eff. Date: 12/11/2001

Voluntary Surrender

Jennifer W. Pelkey
Caribou, ME
Eff. Date: 10/01/2001

Judith L. Newman
Warren, ME
Eff. Date: 11/30/2001

Clara M. Hunton
Norway, ME
Eff. Date: 11/20/2001

Echo C. Aven
Hampden, ME
Eff. Date: 11/20/2001

Denise N. Senecal
Biddeford, ME
Eff. Date: 07/14/2000



Line G. Gay
Augusta, ME
Eff. Date: 10/01/2001

Tracey L. Fish
Farmingdale, ME
Eff. Date: 10/01/2001

Susan A. McGowan
Scituate, MA
Eff. Date: 10/15/2001

Darlene D. Fish
Sidney, ME
Eff. Date: 11/13/2001

Denise N. Senecal
Biddeford, ME
Eff. Date: 11/29/01

Marceline Martin
Edmundston, NB, Canada
Eff. Date: 12/18/2001


Mary A. Hadsell
Topsham, ME
Eff. Date: 10/15/2001

Debra L. Smith
Norway, ME
Eff. Date: 10/15/2001

Heidi G. Montagne
New Gloucester, ME
Eff. Date: 11/29/2001

Kim Lockhart
Bryant Pond, ME
Eff. Date: 11/29/2001

Probation Terminated
Kathy G. Dahms
So. Portland, ME
Eff. Date: 10/18/2001

Other Actions

Lori Merrick
North Berwick, ME
12/06/2001 Denied licensure by endorsement

Jill Pruett
Saco, ME
12/06/2001 Denied licensure by endorsement

Licensees fined from 10/01/2001 - 12/28/2001 for practicing during lapsed license Status: 13

Complaints Dismissed from 10/01/2001 - 12/6/2001: 52