Directions to the Board Room

AMHI Complex
Marquardt Building – Third floor
Board of Corrections, Room #301A
32 Blossom Lane
Augusta ME 04333-0011


Use this link to get directions from google maps. 

Remember to turn right at Tyson Drive, then turn right at Blossom Lane, and follow the road all the way around, because Marquardt is not the first building you come to.  It will be on the left with an awning over the door, after looping down and around and through the parking lot.

Parking is often challenging.  If you can’t find a space in front of the building, you can continue to the right, and go down the hill to the lower parking lot, or reverse direction, go back the way you came, and park in the upper parking lot parallel to Hospital Street.

Enter the building through the door with the maroon awning, go to the elevator, and push 3R. When you exit the elevator go right all the way to the end of the hall.  The Board room is on the right.