New Maine Department of Corrections Client Phone System

What is the new Client Phone System (CPS)?

  • Flat rate for Debit CPS calls: 30 cents per minute from any DOC facility to anywhere in North America; with no connect fee! (Rates table)
  • Multiple levels of security, ensuring each client's money is used for his/her calls
  • The client’s telephone funds and allowed calling list automatically follow the Client on transfers between DOC facilities
  • Family & friends can purchase minutes for clients
  • Telephone funds directly deposited to the Telephone Account are exempt from restitution or other obligation deductions
  • International calls are permitted for debit calls; unavailable for collect calls
  • Debit CPS System owned and operated by the DOC

NOTE : Collect calling is no longer necessary, but is still available through a third party with connect fees and higher rates.

When will it be in use?

The new phone system is now operational at all facilities.

Depositing to a Debit CPS Account

There are currently two (2) ways to deposit funds in a Debit CPS Account:

  • Friends and family may send a personal check or money order to a Client
    • Clearly mark “Telephone Account” on the check
    • Do not combine funds for the Debit CPS Account and the Trust Account in a single check
    • The check amount is converted to minutes and placed in the Client’s Phone Account
    • These funds are exempt from the normal obligation deductions (NOTE: Funds remaining in the Debit CPS Account upon Client release are subject to these deductions.)


  • Clients may request a transfer of funds from their Trust Accounts to their Debit CPS Account (NOTE: Remember, these funds have already had appropriate obligation deductions deducted when originally deposited in the Trust Account.)

NOTE : Soon friends and family will be able to deposit funds to a Client’s Debit CPS Account and Trust Account online via the website.

Friends and Family - What to do now

  • To request a refund of any unused portion from CBS call (800) 844-6591 or visit their website:

The Called Party Experience

  • When the receiver is picked up, a recording will be played indicating that the call is from a correctional facility, the Client’s name, and that the call is subject to monitoring and recording (for adult callers only)
  • When prompted, dial “0” to accept the call (for collect calls, dialing “0” also implies you are accepting the charges); to decline the call, simply hang up

Comparison Chart of New and Old Rates