NEW!! Victim Services Brochure (doc 100k) This brochure outlines services to victims regarding notification, restitution, and response to harassment.

2011 Annual Victim Notification Survey (.pdf)*

Victim Friendly Guide to Maine Court Ordered Restitution (pdf) *

After the Sentencing (pdf)* Is a handbook for victims about offender's time in prison.  This document is about 41 pages long.  

Victim Witness Services (pdf)*

*Note: This file requires the free Adobe Reader. It is also quite large and will take several moments to open over all but the fastest connections. Unless you are on a T1 line or better, we recommend that you download the file and save it to your computer so that you can access a local copy.

If you are unable to download or open the file, please contact Victim Services at (800) 968-6909 for assistance.