Restitution is the monetary, work, or any combination of service or monetary reimbursement by an offender to authorized claimants as ordered by the court. Who is authorized to make a claim?

1. A victim or dependent of a deceased victim
2. The County where the offense was prosecuted
3. Person, firm, organization, corporation or government entity that has provided recovery to the victim
4. Person legally acting on behalf of the victim

There are two types of restitution payments for prisoners with a court order to pay restitution.

1. Work-program: out of money that the prisoner receives from working, 25% of their gross weekly wage is withheld.
2. Other sources: out of money that the offender receives, from whatever source, 25% of that money is withheld.

Offenders on probation pay a specified amount on a set schedule to their supervising probation officer.

Victim Friendly Guide to Maine Court Ordered Restitution (PDF 1.45MB)*

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