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Scott Landry, Warden
17 Mallison Falls Road
Windham Maine 04062
Phone: 207-893-7000
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Maine Correctional Center Mission Statement (Revised 03/25/14)

It is the mission of the Maine Correctional Center to improve public safety by decreasing the recidivism of both male and female prisoners by providing opportunities for correctional rehabilitation within a supervised and secure setting, while assuring the safety of the public, the staff and the prisoners.

While striving to complete this mission, the Maine Correctional Center recognizes the indispensable and valuable contributions of its security, program, and support staff, and is committed to the ongoing development of a professional and skilled workforce.

This mission is accomplished through the Correctional Center's responsibility as the Department of Corrections' primary Reception Center, and the utilization of professional practices, objective risk assessment, and the research-based rehabilitation programs, which have been proven to reduce the likelihood that an offender will re-offend.

Within this mission, the Maine Correctional Center recognizes its responsibility to educate prisoners as to the harm criminal conduct causes to the victim and to the community, and to provide prisoners with opportunities to repay the community through participation in work and restitution opportunities.

Throughout their MCC commitment, prisoners are expected to accept increasing levels of personal responsibility for their conduct and for successful participation in rehabilitative programs. The Maine Correctional Center strives to have prisoners accept responsibility for their own behavior, for their family obligations, and for their actions in the community.
The Maine Correctional Center is a Medium/Minimum Security facility and houses both male and female prisoners. It was established by an Act of the Legislature on April 4, 1919.

An appropriation of $45,000 was made to purchase land and buildings, located in Windham. Originally called the Reformatory for Men, it was later named the Men's Correctional Center. In 1976, the Stevens School was closed and the women were moved to the Maine Correctional Center (renamed). 

General Population bed count as of March 25, 2014: 662