Woodshop, Sawmill & Dry Kiln

Prisoners assigned to the Woodshop Industry Program are exposed to a large variety of building and furniture making skills. Prisoners craft high quality hardwood furniture which is sold to other state institutions.

The prisoners also manufacture many wooden craft items, as well as unique furniture for the home. Also, prisoners in this program construct several styles of custom-ordered small buildings.

Prisoners assigned to the Sawmill Industry Program are instructed in all aspects of the art of creating quality lumber from soft and hardwood logs. There is a very strong emphasis on safety.

Sawn lumber is kiln-dried in our two professional grade kilns. The lumber is dried to the appropriate specifications and is sold to numerous state agencies at a substantial savings. Our customer list includes the Maine State Prison, Maine Correctional Center, Maine Department of Inland Fish and Wildlife, and the Maine Department of Transportation, among others.

A major benefit of the Industry Program is that it is self-funded. Profits from the sale of industry goods and lumber are utilized to pay a nominal wage to prisoners working in the Industry program, and are also utilized to entirely fund the salaries of the three Charleston Correctional Facility employees assigned to the programs.

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