Vocational Wood Harvesting

The wood harvesting program consists of practical experience in all aspects of the vocation, with a very strong emphasis on safety.

The wood harvesting crew generally operates on over 6,500 acres of the Bud Leavitt Wildlife Management Area which is controlled by the Department of Inland Fish and Wildlife. The IF&W works very closely with our staff to ensure proper land management “prescriptions” are drawn up for each block of land contained in the wildlife management area.

The program is exceptionally well known for graduating students that are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the trade. Program graduates, upon application, are eligible to test for a Maine Certified Logging Professional Certificate. These certificates combined with the advanced knowledge our program graduates acquire assure those graduates an excellent opportunity to be top contenders for employment within the wood harvesting industry.

After the wood is harvested, it is used by the Industries Programs.

During “mud season” our wood harvesting crew must stay out of the woods in order to preserve the forest floor. This time out of the woods is used to perform community restitution for numerous local communities. The crews work on roadside brushing and clearing as well as any other brushing/clearing the local community might request.