Items of Interest

  • August 2007: Maine State Prison submitted the required Annual Certification Report to American Corrections Association. Maine State Prison has maintained compliance with all mandatory standards (4th edition 2006 supplement for Adult Correctional Facilities standards) and is striving to better our 98.1% compliance with non-mandatory standards.
  • August 2006: Maine State Prison and Bolduc Correctional Facility received accreditation from the American Correctional Association. Warden Merrill received both certificates at the ACA 136th Convention of Corrections in Charlotte, NC.
  • August 2006: Warden Merrill opened the "History of Maine State Prison in Thomaston" exhibit at the Thomaston Historical Society with a lecture and slide show on Maine State Prison in Thomaston (1824-2002) and Maine State Prison in Warren (2002- ). The exhibit was designed by Bonnie Johnson and constructed with David Flynn and the Maine State Prison Industries Dept. MSP's Industries is well known for their involvement in specialty projects. The Exhibit can be viewed during the Historical Society's hours: 2-4 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in June, July, and August, or by appointment at the Thomaston Historical Societyorrections building on Knox Street, Thomaston, ME.
  • July 2006: Maine State Prison graduated a Basic Correctional class of three new Correctional Officers and two new Prison Chaplains.
  • May 2006: National Correctional Employees Week Celebration celebrated with Employee Recognition activities.
  • May 2006: Honor Guard participates in "The Aquidneck Island National Police Parade”, in Newport R.I.
  • Jan. 2006: Maine State Prison passed American Correctional Association Audit with 100% Compliance with MANDATORY Standards and 98.1 % Compliance with Non-Mandatory Standards.