For the Birds

Have some feathered friends in need of a meal? We have a varied line of bird feeders suitable for many species of winged creatures. These all wood and solid feeders hanging up in your backyard will not only provide a source of food for your flying friends but look great too. Help out the local birds and relax while watching them with one or more of our bird feeders.

Once your feathered friends have satisfied their hunger they’ll need a place to roost. Why not give them the best of all possible housing by putting up some of our wide assortment of birdhouses? We carry many different models designed for different species and ranging in style from the purely functional to the whimsical. Acorns, nesting boxes, campers and an educational model to help the kids learn to appreciate the wonders of nature are all readily available in our showrooms. All are made of quality wood and their interiors left unfinished to suit the needs of nesting birds. All have doors or methods for cleaning them out at the end of each season, so they’ll last for years giving your flying guests a regular Maine summer vacation home.

Of course, no website would be complete without a disclaimer. Here is ours:

"Every effort is made to mark the price and identify all Maine State Prison Showroom products accurately. However, prices and descriptions are subject to change without prior notice. Please call the Showroom for current pricing."

The Maine State Prison Showroom staff will be glad to answer any questions you may have concerning pricing or product availability. Please call us at (207) 354-9237, (207) 354-0141, or email us.