Ship Models/Boats

Small ships and boats are as common a sight on the Maine coast as are gulls and the same is true in our showrooms. We have a wide ranging fleet of small ship models and boats to choose from. Simple desktop sized boats and attractive small models all made of various woods await your inspection. We also have a “Do-It-Yourself” small ship kit just in case you’d like to try your hand at making one of these attractive vessels yourself.

Looking for something in a medium sized ship model or boat? We can accommodate your needs. We carry another wide assortment of medium sized ships and boat of varying levels of detail to satisfy your nautical craving. The classic Maine Lobster boat is well represented and lovingly recreated in our fleet along with working and pleasure boats of many types. As with our small ship models we carry a “Do-It-Yourself” kit for a medium sized boat.

Our large ship models and boats are simply extraordinary and must be seen to be believed. We have historically accurate and wonderfully detailed models of several famous ships of the era of sail, including “Old Ironsides” herself, the USS Constitution. Famous clippers and even pirate vessels are anchored up in our showroom awaiting your arrival. All of them are carefully and quality crafted of wood and many are fully rigged, by hand! Wonderfully suited for display, these ships will please any old salt.

Of course, no website would be complete without a disclaimer. Here is ours:

"Every effort is made to mark the price and identify all Maine State Prison Showroom products accurately. However, prices and descriptions are subject to change without prior notice. Please call the Showroom for current pricing."

The Maine State Prison Showroom staff will be glad to answer any questions you may have concerning pricing or product availability. Please call us at (207) 354-9237, (207) 354-0141, or email us.