Vocational Training Programs

For many of our residents who have not been in regular school attendance or have not had a positive school experience, we have found their interest in learning is rekindled by offerings in:
Students in Woodshop

Work in progress in woodshop

  • Diversified trades:
    • mechanics,
    • carpentry,
    • and boat building,
  • Art
    • graphics,
    • drawing,
    • painting,
    • crafts,
  • Music
    • composition,
    • performance,
    • interpretation,
    • multi-media,

Snow Challenges

  • Mountaineering
    • project adventure challenges,
    • nature trail,
    • fitness,
    • team building,
  • Technology: use of computers,
  • Library
    • academic and
    • service activities.

  • Chef Spahr's Culinary Class

    Chef Spahr instructing his culinary class

  • Culinary
    • all the tasks of food preparation,
    • service,
    • and baking,



These vocational components encourage individual success in order for residents to become life-long learners.