State Sentencing Summit Agenda

Today's Challenges; Tomorrow's Opportunities: A summit to highlight best practices in use and to develop recommendations and strategies

October 30, 2007 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
State Armory - Augusta, Maine

  1. Welcome and Overview of the Summit
  2. Sentencing Practices in Maine – an analysis of recent sentencing trends
    Mark Rubin, University of Southern Maine
  3. The Challenges and Opportunities
    Mel Zarr, University of Maine Law School
    Representatives from the primary participants in the sentencing process will present major challenges (problems) and opportunities (solutions) around our current sentencing practices. The objective is to put before the audience a wide range of views about what works and what doesn’t.
    1. Judiciary
    2. Prosecutors
    3. Defense
    4. Corrections – State and County
  4. Lunch and Roundtable Discussion
    Assigned tables during lunch for informal discussion among participants
  5. Legislative Response
    Mel Zarr, University of Maine Law School
    A panel of legislators and a panel of summit participants will have an opportunity to ask questions of each other, challenge assumptions, and offer suggested improvements.
  6. Questions from the Audience
  7. Common Themes and Future Direction
    Elyse Clawson
    Crime and Justice Institute