First Wind Windpower Projects

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First Wind is an independent wind energy company focused exclusively on the development, ownership and operation of wind energy projects in North America.  First Wind has several projects currently at different stages of development in Maine.  Projects approved by the Commission include Stetson Wind I and Stetson Wind II.

Evergreen Wind V (Stetson Wind I) (subsidiary of First Wind)

The 38 turbines of the 57 MW Stetson Wind I facility are located on Stetson Mountain in T8R3 NBPP and T8 R4 NBPP, Washington County, and have a maximum output potential of over 167 million kWh annually of electricity—enough to power about 23,500 homes per year.  Stetson Wind I went on-line in January of 2009. 

Evergreen Wind V (Stetson Wind II) (subsidiary of First Wind)

Stetson Wind II, an extension of Stetson Wind I, located in T8R4 NBPP, consist of 17 wind turbines sited on Jimmey and Owl Mountains, with the capacity to produce 25.5 megawatts (MW) of electricity.  The project went on-line in March 2010.  Both Stetson projects are located in the area of the jurisdiction designated for expedited permitting of wind energy development, but Stetson Wind I was approved by the Commission prior to that designation becoming effective (reference Public Law 2007, Chapter 661).