Coastal Water Quality

An important purpose of the Coastal Program is to protect and improve coastal water quality. Our work focuses on how our use of the land and water affects water quality, and how we can best reduce any harmful impacts.

We support the following programs:

  • Maine Clean Boatyards and Marinas: a collaborative partnership among industry, state and federal agencies, and environmental organizations dedicated to promoting best management practices in boatyards and marinas. For more information, please contact Matt Nixon (207-287-1491;
  • Water Quality, Phytoplankton, and Horseshoe Crab volunteer monitoring programs: community-based volunteers collect water samples to look for bacteria and toxic phytoplantkton or survey known horseshoe crab spawning sites to assist with state monitoring efforts. For more information, please contact Michele Mason Webber (207-624-6570;
  • Maine Healthy Beaches Program

Reports and Resources

Municipal Water Quality Workshops, January-March 2014

Five water quality workshops were presented around Maine in early 2014. Each workshop was designed to assist municipalities in improving water quality at the local level by providing training for code enforcement officers.

Presentations from Speakers:

Keeping Clam Flats Open Workshops, January 2012

Handouts (PDF)

Presentations from Speakers:

Stormwater and Low Impact Development