Listed below is a catalog of all publications and documents that are available digitally. We're continually adding files, so please check back often. If you have any suggestions, please contact

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If you'd like printed copies of any of these documents, please contact the Maine Coastal Program at 207-287-2801 to check on their availability.

Coastal Water Quality

  • Gulf of Maine Point Source Inventory: A Summary by Watershed for 1991 (PDF 7.3M)
  • Improving Maine's Beaches (PDF 279K)
  • Maine Storm Water Utility (PDF 8.2M)
  • Protecting Maine's Beaches for the Future: A proposal to create an integrated beach management program (PDF 943K)
  • State of Maine's Beaches (PDF 1.8M)

Coastal Habitat Restoration

  • Casco Bay Watershed Wetlands Characterization (PDF 255K)
  • Maine State Wetlands Conservation Plan (PDF 332M)
  • Options for Managing Maine's Near Shore Ecosystems (PDF 129K)
  • Maine's Coastal Wetlands: Types, Distribution, Rankings, Functions and Values(PDF 629K)

Coastal Access and Waterfronts

  • Coastal Water Access Priority Areas for Boating and Fishing (PDF 125K)
  • Contribution of Working Waterfronts to the Maine Economy (PDF 4M)
  • Cundy's Harbor Working Waterfront Study (PDF 2M) and Appendices (PDF 21M)
  • Maine's Shore Access: Coastal Right-of-Way Discovery Program (PDF 904K)
  • Maine's Shore Access: Planning and Implementing Public Shoreline Access (PDF 1.8M)
  • Preserving Commercial Fishing Access: A study of working waterfronts in 25 Maine communities (PDF 1.38m)
  • Protecting Prime Sites For Water Dependent Uses 1989 (PDF 1.3M)
  • Public Shoreline Access in Maine: a citizen's guide to ocean and coastal law (PDF 873K)
  • Review of the Effectiveness of the Maine Coastal Plan in Meeting the State's Public Access and Working Waterfront Policy Goals (PDF 212K)
  • Right-of-Way Discovery Grant Program (PDF 118K)
  • The Right Tack: Charting Your Harbor's Future (PDF 462K)

Coastal Community Planning

  • Coastal Municipalities Ocean Boundaries Legislative Charters (PDF 415K)
  • LID Guidance Manual for Maine Communities (PDF 23.6M)
  • Stormwater Operation & Maintenance Plan (PDF 30K)
  • Waterfront Construction Handbook (PDF 4.2M)

Outreach and Education Programs

  • Midcoast Stewards Program (PDF 118K)
  • Penobscot Bay Stewards Program (PDF 106K)
  • The Watershed Journey of Linus Loon (PDF 3.3M)
  • The Watershed Journey of Linus Loon: Educator Handbook (PDF 506K)
  • The Watershed Journey of Linus Loon: Student Handbook (PDF 783K)

Marine Resources

  • Maine's Marine Invasion: A report of the University of Maine Sea Grant (PDF 682K)

Federal Consistency Review

  • Maine Guide to Federal Consistency (PDF 4.8MB)

Scenic Resources

  • A Proposed Method for Coastal Scenic Landscape Assessment - Southern Maine, October 1987 (PDF 12.7M) (Map)
  • Protecting Local Scenic Resources: Community-Based Performance Standards, Dec. 2007 (PDF 8M)
  • Scenic Assessment Handbook (PDF 18.3M)
  • Scenic Inventory - Downeast Maine: Hancock and Washington Counties (Access 704.4M - you must use MSAccess 2007 to open this file)
    (Note: The Maine Coastal Program has posted this inventory on its web site for general information purposes.)
    • Report on the Downeast Coastal Scenic Inventory (PDF 3.4M)
    • Summarized Viewshed Information (Excel 346K)
  • Scenic Inventory - Mainland Sites of Penobscot Bay, August 1990 (PDF 23.4M) (Map)
  • Scenic Inventory - Offshore Islands, June 1992 (PDF 17.3M) (Map)

General Publications

  • Ocean Energy Task Force Final Report, 2009 (PDF 840K)
  • Testing Ocean Energy in Maine (PDF 207K)
  • Maine Coastal Plan: Final Assessment & Strategy under Section 309 of the Coastal Zone Management Act, 2011 (PDF 878K)
  • Maine Coastal Plan: Final Assessment & Strategy under Section 309 of the Coastal Zone Management Act, 2006 (PDF 2.6M)
  • Maine Coastal Plan: Final Assessment & Strategy under Section 309 of the Coastal Zone Management Act, 2001 (PDF 556K)
  • NOAA Section 312 Final Evaluation Findings (PDF 1.5M)
  • Maine Coastal Program Brochure 2008 (PDF 2.9M)
  • Maine Coastal Program Accomplishments 2000-2001 (PDF 2M)
  • Maine Coastal Program Accomplishments 2002-2003 (PDF 3.4M)
  • Maine Coastal Program Accomplishments 2012-2013 (PDF 17.9M)
  • Policy Options for Maine's Marine Waters (PDF 6M)
  • Value of Maine's Marine Research Enterprise: An initial characterization (PDF 191K)