Maine Licensed Foresters

The Maine Forest Service encourages forest land owners to seek the assistance of a consulting forester. A consulting forester can provide advice and assistance to landowners who choose to implement forest management projects on their woodlot.

A consulting forester is a professionally trained forester, generally with a bachelor of science degree in forestry or natural resource management. A consulting forester's services are available to the public on a fee or contract basis.

To practice in Maine, a consulting forester must be licensed by the State of Maine as a Licensed Forester.

The Board of Licensing of ForestersExternal Link

The home page of the Board of Licensing for Professional Foresters:

  • Summarizes the requirements for becoming a Licensed Forester and requirements for license renewal
  • Provides minutes of the meetings of the Licensing Board
  • Allows you to search for a Licensed Forester by name

Note: the Licensing Board home page DOES NOT allow a geographic search for foresters and does not allow the user to browse a list of LPFs. You can only find a forester if you search for a specific name.

List of Stewardship Foresters eligible to participate in Maine Forest Service cost-share program (pdf | text)

The inclusion of a name on these lists does not imply a recommendation by the Maine Forest Service. We encourage you to check references and have a written contract for services.

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