Profiles of Woodland Stewardship

Welcome to the Maine Forest Service’s Stewardship Stories page. Here you will find true stories of Maine’s woodlands and the people who care for them. The landowners profiled here are model stewards; their woodlands are visible demonstrations of conservation applied on the ground. Each story embodies several steps along the path of stewardship. Visit the Stewardship Storyline for more information.

January 14, 2015--Presentation of the 2015 Maine Outstanding Tree Farmer Award by Doug Denico, Director, Maine Forest Service:

“It is my pleasure today to recognize Peggy and Wayne Coleman of Baileyville as recipients of the Maine 2015 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year.

We know that considerable forestland in Maine is under very sporadic management and many folks including the Maine Forest Service have attempted to find ways to increase timely and appropriate management on a very significant part of Maine.

The fact is thousands of landowners are hands-on owners and get a great deal of pleasure from doing it.  How do we transfer the ethics and hard work performed by the Colemans to forest land owners reluctant to manage their ownership?

I believe one of the best ways is to showcase what the Colemans have accomplished to as many folks as possible. To this end, the MFS is putting the Colemans’ forest management story in as prominent place on our web page as possible and refer to it as a shining example of the benefits of owning forest land. In the future we will do the same for other Maine Outstanding Tree Farmer winners."


The newest additions to the series feature Portland's Urban Forests and woodland owners in the area around Baldwin, Maine.

The first profiles in the series include:

Check out this video about the Hidden Valley Nature Center (HVNC), winner of the 2014 Maine Outstanding Tree Farmer award:
HVNC, located in Jefferson, truly models multiple use stewardship of their woodlands, combining active timber management and education with a strong emphasis on recreation.”

For examples of other, related Woodland Stewardship Stories, visit the following sites:

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As time and resources allow, we hope to bring more stories about woodland owners across the state to this page. If you would like to nominate someone (including yourself!) for a future profile, or have ideas and comments about the series, please contact the Landowner Outreach Forester at (207) 287-8430, or e-mail