Bedrock Geologic Map of Maine

Bedrock Geologic Map of Maine


edited by 
Philip H. Osberg, Arthur M. Hussey II, and Gary M. Boone 

42" x 57" color wall map

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A 42" x 57" color wall map showing the bedrock geology of Maine. Ages of rocks in color, lithologies differentiated by patterns, inset map of tectonic features, map of metamorphic zones, correlation chart, and extensive reference list.

Digital Representation

Originally produced as a hand-scribed printed map, a digital representation of the 1985 Bedrock Geologic Map of Maine is now available from the Maine Office of Geographic Information Systems data catalog. Note that this map was intended for regional or statewide studies. It may not provide the most detailed or most recent information available for local studies.

Last updated on January 9, 2015