List of Closed Maine Mineral Localities

The following localities are listed in the current or previous editions of the Collector's Guide to Maine Mineral Localities. As of 2009, they are reported to be CLOSED to the public. These closures result from a variety of reasons, including land transactions, new construction, liability concerns, and/or leasing of the properties for specimen recovery. Some closures are permanent. Others - particularly at leased quarries - may be temporary. In some cases, a location that is usually closed may be open by special arrangement for group visits. It is important that mineral collectors not enter the closed sites unless they have special permission from the owner or lease holder.

There may be other closures than those listed here, but these are the ones which have been reported to the Maine Geological Survey as of 2009:

  • Basin Garnet Locality, Phippsburg
  • Bennett Quarry, Buckfield
  • Berry Quarry, Poland
  • Black Mountain Quarries, Rumford
  • Callahan Mine, Brooksville
  • Consolidated Feldspar Quarries, Georgetown
  • Cook Road staurolite locality, Windham
  • Dunn Quarries, Norway
  • Emmons Quarry, Greenwood
  • Fisher Quarry, Topsham
  • Goddard Ledge Quarries, Rumford
  • Hooper Ledge Prospect, Paris
  • LaChance Quarry, Brunswick
  • Lobikis Quarry, Peru
  • Mount Mica Quarry, Paris
  • Nubble Quarry, Greenwood
  • Red Hill Quarries, Rumford
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Locality, Newry
  • Sanford Vesuvianite Locality
  • Standpipe Hill Quarry, Topsham
  • Swamp Quarries, Topsham
  • Thomas Quarry, Phippsburg
  • Tiger Bill Quarries, Greenwood
  • Tryon Mountain Quarries, Pownal
  • Union Andalusite Locality
  • Westinghouse Quarry, Buckfield
  • Whispering Pines Quarry, Paris

Last updated on June 27, 2012