Forest Management Plan Review

The Maine Data Checker is Up and Running!

Forest Management Plans are typically submitted by licensed foresters on behalf of their clients. MNAP reviews Forest Management Plans to determine if rare, threatened, or endangered species or sensitive habitats are present. Management recommendations are made where appropriate.

You can now use a self-serve, web-based mapping tool to determine if there are any Maine Natural Area Program (MNAP) or Maine Department of Inland Fish & Wildlife (MDIFW) features within the vicinity of your forest management area. The Maine Data Checker can determine if there is overlap with these features and the property of interest. This is a non-regulatory tool, developed by the Maine Forest Service (MFS), MNAP, and MDIFW, to help landowners, loggers and foresters acquire information which may be relevant for timber harvests, forest management planning, cost-share practices, forest certification, or related purposes.

To use this web mapping tool, you'll need an internet connection. You also need to know the approximate acreage of the property you're interested in, and the name, address, and contact information for the landowner. If you are not the owner of the woodlot, you will need permission to conduct the search on behalf of the landowner as well.

If there is a known feature within the property, the Data Checker response will direct you to contact MNAP, as the tool doesn't provide any information about what the features are. Also, the Data Checker does not search for Atlantic salmon, Canada lynx, or wild brook trout habitat features. If there are no features found for the property, you will receive a message stating that there are no known records for this property. You will also have the ability to create a map in a .pdf version for your files and to send to MNAP, if needed for further review.

The Data Checker tool is available here: Questions on the tool should be directed to, or (207) 287-8044. MNAP will maintain a database of users of the tool.

You can also request a Forest Management Plan review without using the tool. Please send a map showing the property location via email (, regular mail (93 State House Station, Augusta, ME, 04333-0093), or FAX (207-287-8040).

See also Forestry Technical Assistance.

Contact us if you have questions.