Aroostook Hills Region - Management Plan

The links below relate to the management plan for the 2009 Aroostook Hills Region Public Reserved Lands in Aroostook and Penobscot Counties. The plan guides the management activities of the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, Bureau of Parks and Public Lands on public lands at at Scopan (formerly Squapan); Scraggly Lake; and 11 small lots in the Towns of Hammond and Sheridan, in Moro, Nashville, and Oxbow Plantations, and in Townships T9 R5, T12 R8, and T13 R5.

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Plan Update and Review:

The Bureau of Parks and Lands has begun the first Five-Year Review of the 2009 Aroostook Hills Region Management Plan covering the period from 2009 through 2014. The Integrated Resource Policy (IRP) requires that the Bureau, at five year intervals, report to the Advisory Committee on accomplishments and changing conditions that may warrant amendments to the plan.

The Five-Year Review is prepared in a table format. It is linked below as a PDF under Management Plan Review Documents. It:

  • Lists plan recommendations (left column), and
  • Actions taken to implement each recommendation (right column), and
  • Identifies, from the Bureau's perspective, any issues any new issues or circumstances that were not addressed in the plan that may warrant Committee discussion or action (at end of table).

The Five-Year Review table was sent to Advisory Committee Members on December 23, 2014.

  • If the Advisory Committee does not identify any new issues or circumstances that warrant Committee input or action, the Bureau will notify the Committee that the 5-year review process is completed.
  • If any of the Advisory Committee members identifies new issues or circumstances that, in their opinion, may require an amendment to the plan, or that should be discussed with the Committee prior to the Bureau taking action without amending the plan, then the Bureau will seek Committee comment through correspondence or a meeting.
    • Depending on Committee input, a decision will be made to:
      • Formally amend the plan, OR
      • Take action without amending the plan.
    • If a decision is made to formally amend the plan, the Bureau will hold a public meeting to:
      • Gather public input on the proposed amendment(s),
      • Document public comments and Bureau responses, AND
      • Adopt the plan.
    • If a decision is made to take action without amending the plan the Bureau will:
      Document the Committee discussion and specific actions that can be taken without a plan amendment.

For the Aroostook Hills Region Plan, the Bureau has identified one new issue that was not addressed in the plan and that warrants Committee input. The new issue, relating to a potential maple sugaring operation on Scopan Ridge within the Scopan Unit, is detailed in the Bureau’s memorandum to the Advisory Committee (see link to PDF below).

Management Plan Review Documents

Management Plan Documents:

Plan is available in smaller files:

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