School IPM Regulations

All public and private schools serving any grades K-12 are required to use IPM.

Effective September 1, 2013, changes to Chapter 27 include the following:

  • All K-12 schools must keep a 'Pest Management Activity Log'
    • Sample Page 1: Monitoring/IPM [PDF or Word]
    • Sample Page 2: Trap and Bait Station Monitoring [PDF or Word]
    • Sample Page 3: Pesticide Application [PDF or Word]
  • All schools must annually notify the Board of Pesticides Control of the name and contact information of IPM Coordinator using MEDMS or by e-mail by September 1.
  • Mandatory Training for IPM Coordinators:
  • IPM notice must be published in the school's policy manual or handbook. Customizable template [Word]