Business Equipment Tax Relief Programs

Maine has two programs targeted specifically at helping new and established businesses to invest for growth by allowing them to recoup local property taxes paid on eligible business equipment and property.

The Business Equipment Tax Exemption (BETE) program eliminates the personal property tax on eligible business equipment that is first subject to assessment on or after April 1, 2007. BETE has largely replaced BETR and helps businesses avoid paying assessed taxes up front, rather than waiting and filing for a reimbursement, with no time limit to the exemption.

The Business Equipment Tax Reimbursement (BETR) program is for equipment and property acquired between April 1, 1995 and March 31, 2007. The reimbursement rate is 100% for the first twelve years and falls incrementally to 50% at year 18 and all subsequent years. This program is no longer in effect for new property and equipment acquired, but ongoing participants can find more information and forms here.

Both of these programs are administered through Maine Revenue Services, which provides a comprehensivetutorial to help educate you about BETE and BETR. This tutorial will help you understand what kinds of businesses qualify, what equipment and property are eligible, and what forms are required.

Helpful BETE documents: