Maine Air Emissions Inventory Reporting System

MAIRIS is a free, web-based reporting system developed by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to assist Maine facilities with their annual air emissions reporting requirements. MAIRIS was specifically designed to meet the following program objectives and requirements:

  • Consolidated Inventory Package MAIRIS was designed to seamlessly combine the criteria and hazardous air pollutant and greenhouse gas inventories, taking advantage of commonalities, such as facility identification and contact information, stack and geospatial coordinate information, and fuel throughputs.
  • Quality Control Validation and Quality Assurance Feedback Tools MAIRIS provides instantaneous, quality control validation to facility users by vetting data inputs and providing extensive on-screen help at every step. More than 200 QA/QC checks, including comparison to last year's data and license permit limits, are incorporated. Electronic communications are used to submit inventories and to notify companies about the discrepancies in their submission.
  • XML-Formatted Data, Deliverable to EPA via Maine Exchange Network Node Data submitted to Maine DEP doesn't stop in Augusta . The federal Consolidated Emissions Reporting Rule (68 FR 39682) requires the State of Maine to collect and submit an annual emissions inventory from point sources, and Maine's companion rule, 06-096 CMR Chapter 137, defines these requirements for Maine facilities. MAIRIS has been designed to exchange data with EPA using the XML format and Exchange Network node.

Link to MAIRIS

MAIRIS Process Overview (PDF)

Maine DEP Default Emission Factors

Maine DEP has preloaded MAIRIS with a "default" set of emission factors for this year's Hazardous Air Pollutant inventory.  Facilities may use the default factors or their own factors, with proper documentation. The spreadsheet linked below sources each of DEP's default emission factors. If you have any questions abou the default factors, please contact Rich Greves (207) 287-7030

Default emission factors (excel)

User Registration and Digital Signature Agreement

Maine DEP collects the annual air emissions inventories using the new Maine Air Inventory Reporting System (MAIRIS). Registration of users is the first step in migrating to the new system. 

Questions about the User Registration and Digital Signature Agreement? Contact Inventory Specialist Kristen Colby, (207) 287-7501.

We are here to help

To ensure that your questions will be addressed as promptly as possible, please send them to us or use the Help Request function in MAIRIS