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The Air Toxics Program is specifically dedicated to the collection and dissemination of data about air toxics in Maine.  Air toxics refers to a very broad group of air pollutants that, in sufficient concentration, could cause serious health effects to people breathing air that contains them. In order to help protect the health of Maine residents and preserve our environment, the Department of Environmental Protection has developed this web site to help enlighten Maine's public as to the hazards associated with air toxics.

Air Toxics Information

Air Toxics: An Overview is designed to answer basic questions about the nature of air toxics, their sources in Maine, and programs used to mitigate their impact upon the people of Maine.

Air Toxics Monitoring explains the Department of Environmental Protection's air toxics monitoring program around the state.  This site contains both current and historical monitoring data.

Drycleaners the use of perchloroethylene is subject to both State and EPA rules. In addition, they are required to report to the Department annually.

NESHAP and MACT are acronymns for National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) and Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) standards which are used to control air toxics.  This site provides compliance information to facilities and explains the approach used to regulate air toxics.

Maine Air Toxics Initiative is a facilitated stakeholder process aimed at identifying which air toxics are most responsible for creating health risks, the source of those pollutants, and creation of cost effective solutions to reduce the risk. Documents related to the MATI process and subcommittee activities are posted on this site.

Maine Hazardous Air Pollutants include the federally-established list of 188 compounds and chemical groups and, in Maine, other toxic chemicals such as dioxin, furan and PCBs.  This site provides information for facilities about reporting emissions of hazardous air pollutants.

Air Toxics Fees are charged to licensed facilities that emit hazardous air pollutants.

Mercury - Maine is a leader in protecting its citizens from the dangers of mercury in its air and water.  This site contains information about airborne mercury and links to other mercury-related sites in Maine and nationally.

How do I find out about air toxics near my home? - This site is the starting point for citizens interested in learning more about air pollution and air toxics in their state and county.


Maine Air Toxics Initiative: Melanie Loyzim (287-6104)
Mercury: Daniel Thoma (287-8672)
MACT and NESHAP: Lisa Higgins (287-7023)
Hazardous Air Pollutants and PBTs: Richard Greves (287-7030)
Greenhouse Gases:  Melanie Loyzim (287-6104)
Mobile Source Emissions: Melanie Loyzim (287-6104) and Tammy Gould (287-7036)
Annual Reporting: Daniel Thoma (287-8672) and Paula Ripley (287-2419)
i-STEPS Software: Tammy Gould (287-7036)
Air Toxics Fees: Richard Greves (287-7030)
Licensing Fees:Melanie Loyzim (287-6104) and Paula Ripley (287-2419)
Regulatory and Program Information: Melanie Loyzim (287-6104) and Lisa Higgins (287-7032)