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Public Water Resources Information System

Welcome to the Maine Drinking Water Program's Public Water Resources Information System. The Drinking Water Program (DWP) is responsible for enforcing the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act in Maine and has primary responsibility for administering the State's rules relating to drinking water. The DWP regulates over 1,900 public water systems in Maine.

About the Data

This site is intended to assist planners, developers, and regulators who have a need to know the location of areas that are used as public water supplies. The site requires registration.

Data provided are:

- Location of wells and intakes for public water supplies in Maine

- Contact information for the owners of the supplies

- Protection areas for each supply. New town and state permit requests in these areas require notice to the public water supplier.

The site allows preparation of maps on either a town or a site scale for local printing, as well as data download for individual towns. No water quality or water system operational data are available on the site.

Accessing the Data

The Maine DEP GIS Unit and the Maine Drinking Water Program are offering this data, geographically referenced, to the public via Google Earth. You will need to have Google Earth installed to view this data.

Some portions of this site require user registration.

View the public information, a subset of the complete data.

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Need Assistance?

Read the instructions (MS Word) or contact Erika Bonenfant at the Maine CDC Drinking Water Program (207) 287-5681.

- The Maine DEP and the Maine DWP are only providing the data to be used in the Google Earth application on the user's computer. We are not responsible for installing or maintaining these software products.
- The Google Earth imagery dates provided do not necessarily represent the date the image was captured but show the date the imagery was processed and deployed.
- For questions regarding data content or data accuracy please contact the staff in the responsible programs. The staff contacts can be reached through the links in the Google Earth files. 
- This data is for visual representation only and may not contain all data that is available by contacting the Maine DWP and Maine DEP directly.