Spills & Site Cleanup Contacts

To Report Oil Spills call (24 hours) 1-800-482-0777

To Report Hazardous Materials Spills call (24 hours) 800-452-4664

For general questions or if you are unsure of the specific staff contact, please call your nearest regional DEP office and describe your question or issue to the receptionist

Office numbers
(The area code for Maine is 207)

  • Augusta (Central Maine Regional Office): 287-7688; 800-452-1942
  • Bangor (Eastern Maine Regional Office): 941-4570; 888-769-1137
  • Portland (Southern Maine Regional Office): 822-6300; 888-769-1036
  • Presque Isle (Northern Maine Regional Office): 764-0477; 888-769-1053

Contact numbers

Spills and Site Cleanup Staff Directory