Contacts and Emergency Numbers

Oil Spills

All calls (in-state/out-of-state, 24 hours) -800-482-0777

*NEW: Callers from in-state and out-of-state may now use the same number

Hazardous Materials

Calls from in-state (24 hours) 800-452-4664

Calls from out-of-state (24 hours) 207-287-7076

DEP Regional Offices - Find your local DEP Office

Central Maine Region (Augusta) 207-287-7688

Eastern Maine Region (Bangor) 207-941-4570

Southern Maine Region (Portland) 207-822-6300

Northern Maine Region (Presque Isle) 207-764-0477

Maine Emergency Management Agency

Calls from within Maine 800-452-8735

Calls from outside Maine 207-624-4400


National Response Center 800 424 8802


Canadian Coast Guard (will contact all other agencies) 902-426-6030

Spills in Quebec

Federal (24 hours) 514-283-2333

Provincial (24 hours) 418-643-4595