Geographic Response Plans for Maine and New Hampshire


The Geographic Response Plans (GRPs) included cover the whole coast of Maine and New Hampshire and will be incorporated in the "Maine and New Hampshire Area Contingency Plan". The GRPs are a result of four workshops created and hosted by the Maine and New Hampshire Area Committee in the four port regions: New Hampshire & Southern Maine, Casco Bay, Penobscot Bay and Eastport. During the workshops local harbormasters, planning committees, response organizations and non-governmental organizations developed protection strategies for priority areas along the Maine and New Hampshire coast. Each priority area may have one or more protection strategies. Each protection strategy has informatiPhoto of marine oil spillon to aid responders when deploying an oil spill. GRPs are reviewed and revised on an ongoing basis.

Each Geographic Response Plan (GRP) consists of a set of two pages. The first page shows a nautical chart of the area, with the proposed booming strategy. Page two contains a verbal description of the booming strategy, as well as the total length and type of boom required, the water depth range, site access, staging areas, environmental concerns and collection points. An aerial photo of the general area covered by the response plan, if available, is included as a separate page. The pages for each GRP are contained within an Adobe Acrobat document. The use of the portable document format (pdf) file allows for the resizing of the map or photo to suit the user's monitor size and viewing needs. The user should be familiar with the tools available within the Adobe Acrobat interface to make best use of the GRPs. The Adobe Acrobat reader is available free of charge from The Adobe site also contains a tutorial on using the software.


 To print the GRP at it's original size of 11 X 17, check "fit to page" when printing from the Adobe Acrobat window. The GRPs will also print on 8 1/2 X 11 paper.

Test Deployments

DEP has contracted with Moran Environmental Recovery LLC and Nuka Research to test several of our large strategies statewide during 2011 and 2012. Additional information on these deployments.

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