Portland Area Work Group

The Portland Area work Group is comprised of members from DEP's Division of Response Services, U.S. Coast Guard, Portland area oil terminals, local oil spill response organizations and other state and local agencies. The group formed in 2007 and its intent is to ensure that all members of the local spill response community have access to the best available information on response strategies, environmental sensitivities and local conditions, especially for the Fore River area. The group also will share information on exercises and drills, and lessons learned from them. The documents produced by this group are a work in progress, and continue to evolve as we work on these issues.

For further information regarding the Portland Area Work Group please contact Ginger McMullin at the Maine Department of Environmental Protection: (207) 822-6352

Next Meeting

Date: October 10, 2012
Time: 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Maine DEP, 312 Canco Road, Portland, ME
Agenda (PDF)

Working Documents

8.5 x 11 Documents

Portland Area Oil Terminals Contact List
Portland Area Equipment List
Table of Contents & Record of Changes
Portland Area Geographic Response Strategies:
- See Geographic Response Plans B-01 to B-12
Draft Response Strategies
Portland Area Response Strategy Status

11 x 17 Maps

Portland Area Environmental Vulnerability Index (EVI) Maps and Data:
- Map 1 - Map2 - Map 3 - Map 4 - Data
Fore River Overview
Highest Priority Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Existing Terminal Strategies
Wind Roses for Portland, Maine
Generalized Trajectories by Wind Direction

Meeting Minutes