Spills & Site Cleanup Monitoring and Reporting

Honeywell Single Point Continuous Hydrogen Sulfide Monitor

  • Hazardous & Oil Spill System Online Report Service - This database may be searched by: spill number, reported date range, location, tank type, and/or keywords. See also Spill Reports search.
  • Environmental and Geographic Analysis Database (EGAD) - EGAD (formerly known as the Environmental and Groundwater Analysis Database) is an electronic repository for a wide variety of environmental data. It includes soil, sediment, air and water quality data, as well as spatial data from potential and actual sources of contamination to Maine’s groundwater. It also contains biological and surface water sampling site types, which enables DEP staff to more readily assess the water quality of Maine’s lakes, streams and rivers, and to determine the Class status and non-attainment status of various waterbodies.
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Monitoring Data at Maine Landfills - The Maine DEP has identified hydrogen sulfide as the primary cause of off-site odor impacts around solid waste landfills and a primary issue of concern in the ambient air related to potential public health impacts.  Certain solid waste landfills are required to monitor for low-level hydrogen sulfide concentrations on a continuous basis.  Monitoring data is used to help determine whether a landfill facility is effectively controlling hydrogen sulfide emissions.
  • Institutional Controls Database (Database of Remediation Sites) - This database lists current and former sites where the Division of Remediation is overseeing the long-term clean-up of Hazardous Substance releases.  These sites include State hazardous substance sites (aka uncontrolled sites), Voluntary Response Action Program (VRAP) sites, Brownfield sites, Military Installations, Superfund sites (aka CERCLA sites), and unlicensed Municipal Landfill sites.  The database contains the location of the site, the current status of DEP’s investigation and clean-up, and the status of any Institutional Controls at the site.  Detailed information on each site is available at the BRWM file Room in Augusta.

For additional information and assistance with Maine DEP Spills & Site Cleanup Monitoring and Reporting, please contact Peter Blanchard at (207) 287-7190 or contact George Seel at (207) 287-7166