Hazardous Waste Enforcement

Questions regarding the Hazardous Waste Enforcement Program, please contact (207) 287-2651.

What to expect during an Inspection:

Inspections begin with a brief meeting with company staff to review the inspection process and so DEP can learn some background information regarding the facility process, hours, staffing and waste management practices. The inspectors conduct a walkthrough inspection for the entire facility, with emphasis on areas where hazardous materials are used, and where wastes are generated and stored. The inspectors determine if the facility has correctly identified all hazardous wastes, and review the management of waste to evaluate compliance with the hazardous waste rules appropriate to the facility. After the walkthrough, DEP staff review records such as manifests, annual reports, hazardous waste contingency plans, and personnel training. The inspection concludes with a review of violations tentatively identified, or being considered, additional information needed to complete the investigation, actions the company should take to return to compliance, and a description of letters that DEP may generate as a result of the inspection.