Solid Waste Forms and Fees

Agronomic Utilization of Residuals

Contact: Carla J. Hopkins 215-3314

Annual Reports

Each year, the Residuals Utilization Unit (RUU) sends blank annual report forms and fee invoices to all active site licensees.┬áThis year, in addition to the usual mailing, the RUU is conducting a pilot program for electronic reporting. Along with submitting a paper copy of the full 2013 annual report, we request that you also fill out the electronic annual report form and click the “submit” button.┬áPlease note that you cannot attach files to the electronic form, we are currently only interested in comparing the electronic and paper forms to assist us in making decisions about future report submittal.

If you have questions or would like to provide feedback about this pilot program, please contact:

Carla Hopkins at or (207) 215-3314.
Jim Pollock at or (207) 592-8343

Application Fees

State law requires DEP to establish and publish schedules detailing fees charged for each type of license and permit application we accept as well as the time within which an individual should expect a licenses decision to be made. The following schedules are those currently in effect.

DEP Licensing Fee Schedule
Processing Time Schedule