Maine's Class A/B UST System
Operator Training Manual

Below is a list of all of the TankSmart training modules. These documents allow operators who would prefer not to use the online program to access the training.
Operators who choose not to take the online test will need to contact the TankSmart Program Manager at (207) 441-3294 to make other arrangements.

ALERT: Due to recent changes in State law and Department rules a few items are out-of-date in the TankSmart Operator Training Manual and are listed below. The Department will post an updated version as soon as it is available.

Updates to the TankSmart Operator Training Manual:

  • The certification period for Class A/B and Class C operators is two years unless there have been changes to the registered method of leak detection or overfill prevention or there is a finding of non-compliance by the Department or the US EPA;
  • The period that tanks may be out-of-service is now from 3 to 24 months (rather than 3 to 12 months);
  • For facilities where employees are Certified Tank Installers or Inspectors who perform the annual inspections for the UST facility, a non-employee must conduct the annual inspection every three years; and
  • Some of our web addresses have changed.¬†Generally, addresses that began with www.maine.gov/dep/rwm now begin with www.maine.gov/dep/waste.

If you have questions concerning this training, please contact the TankSmart Program Manager at (207) 441-3294.

TankSmart Manual

Complete hardcopy version of TankSmart (PDF, 8.95 MB) If you would like a specific module please see the links below. All are PDF files.

General Information

1 Introduction

2 Class A/B Operators

3 Training Class C Operators

4 Annual UST System Inspections

5 Record Keeping

6 Spills: Cleanup & Reporting

7 Safety

Tanks/Leak Detection

8 Tanks: Double-Walled with Continuous Electronic Monitoring

9 Tanks: Double-Walled with Manual Monitoring

10 Tanks: Single-Walled

11 Daily Inventory & Statistical Inventory Analysis

12 Automatic Tank Gauges (ATGs)

Piping / Leak Detection

13 Piping: Double-Walled Systems

14 Piping: Single-Walled Systems

15 Piping: Pressurized Pumping Systems

16 Piping: Suction Pumping Systems


17 Overfill Prevention: Ball Floats

18 Overfill Prevention: Electronic Alarms

19 Overfill Prevention: Drop-Tube Shutoff Valves

20 Spill Buckets

Corrosion Protection

21 Cathodic Protection for Tanks & Piping


22 Stage I Vapor Recovery

23 Dispensers

24 Out-of-Service Tanks

25 Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs)

26 Consumptive Use Heating Oil Tanks & Diesel-Fueled Generator Tanks

27 Ethanol-Blended Gasoline