Hazardous Waste Transporter Information

What is a Hazardous Waste Transporter?

Any person who transports hazardous waste in this state in any quantity is considered a transporter. The term includes, without limitation, individuals who own, lease or otherwise control conveyances, and businesses regardless of the size and form of business organization, which engage in transportation of hazardous waste

What is Hazardous Waste Manifest?

A hazardous waste manifest is used to track the movement of hazardous waste from the point of generation to any intermediate points and finally to its ultimate disposition and establishes related responsibilities and liabilities of generators, transporters and owner and operators of waste facilities for hazardous waste.

When is a License Required?

A transporter that engages in transportation of hazardous waste must apply for a transporter license to cover all locations of the business, all conveyances owned, leased or otherwise controlled by the business and used for transportation of hazardous waste which are located or used in Maine and all operators of such conveyances employed by the business which operates in Maine.

How do I Obtain a License?

To obtain a hard copy of the license application you may contact the Hazardous Waste Licensing Unit at 207-287-2651 or email John Dunlap or Richard Kaselis.

Click here for information regarding payment and reporting requirements of the Hazardous Waste Fund, special conditions of hazardous waste transporter licenses, fee schedules, and report forms.

Most common mistakes or missing information

1. The state the conveyance is registered in is missing: (conveyance meaning on the cargo-carrying portion of a conveyance).

2. The registration or license plate number for the conveyance is missing.

3. Drivers record: must have been issued within the previous three months. Records retrieve earlier than this will not be accepted.

4. License fee: The first one hundred dollars ($100) covers one location, one driver and one conveyance. This is called a basic license. An additional charge of fifty dollars ($50) is charged for each individual driver, individual conveyance and additional instate business locations. For example if a company has one business location, five operators, and three conveyances the charge would be: $400.

5. For additional information on Maine Licensed Hazardous Waste Transporter program contact the Hazardous Waste Licensing Unit at 207-287-2651 or email John Dunlap or Richard Kaselis for more information.