Health Inspection Staff

Office Staff:

Staff are available during office hours from 8 AM -5 PM.

Lisa Roy, Program Manager, 287-5691

Rebecca Walsh, Supervisor, 287-1978

Eric Wightman, Compliance and Enforcement Coordinator, 287-4484

Carol Gott, Office Associate II, 287-5675

Krista Poulin, Office Assistant II, 287-5295

Lorraine Martin, Office Associate I, 287-8017 

Health Inspectors:

Maurice Anderson 592-5468

Sondra Clark 441-0746

Laurie Davis 592-5573

Scott Davis 592-7225

Joel Demers 592-7791

Dean Jackson 592-8520

Heather Jackson 513-6652

Karen Jacobs 944-0564

Tom Jenkins 615-3975

Don McAllister 592-7459

Kenneth Perry 485-8768

Our normal business hours are 8am-5pm.  If you have an emergency (such as a fire) that cannot wait until the next business day, please call Lisa Roy 207-592-2064 or Rebecca Walsh at 207-441-6934 .

Municipal Inspectors

Portland:     Mike Russell Program Manager, 756-8365

Tom Williams    756-8365

South Portland: Derrick Stephens 767-7603 ext 7

Auburn: Cristy Bourget 333-6601 ext 1162

Lewiston: Sue Reny 513-3125 ext 3224

Emergency Consultation and Disease Reporting hotline.

For emergency after hours calls please call 1-800-821-5821.