About the Subsurface Wastewater Team


It is the Subsurface Wastewater Team’s responsibility to:

  • Promulgate and administer the Subsurface Waste Water Disposal Rules (CMR 241), Rules for Appointment and Administration of Local Plumbing Inspectors (CMR 240), and Rules for Site Evaluators of Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Systems (CMR 245).
  • Maintain copies of all plumbing and subsurface waste water permits issued statewide.
  • Approximately 40,000 plumbing permits are processed annually, which generate approximately $275,000.00 in dedicated revenue.
  • The Program processes approximately 10,000 subsurface waste water permits annually.
  • License site evaluators for subsurface waste water disposal systems pursuant to CMR 245.
  • Provide reviews of engineering plans for compliance with or variance from departmental rules in support of the Division's various program areas.
  • Provide interagency reviews and make recommendations for Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Maine Land Use Regulation Commission, Maine Department of Education, and Bureau of Public Improvements, among others.
  • Conduct site inspections to assist site evaluators, local officials, and property owners. 
  • Administer a voluntary subsurface waste water disposal system installers certification program, in association with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Review and approve mausoleums, crypts, crematoria, and cemeteries.


Glenn Angell, State Site Evaluator

The position duties include providing onsite assistance to Site Evaluators, Local Plumbing Inspectors, and the general public in interpreting site and soil conditions, and investigating malfunctions of onsite sewage disposal systems; investigating complaints against Site Evaluators; and administering the Site Evaluator program. Administration of the Site Evaluator program in turn includes administering both the written and field examination for prospective Site Evaluators; and providing technical and regulatory assistance to Site Evaluators. The position also provides guidance and interpretation of the Maine State Plumbing Code, Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Rules to other State agencies. The position reviews applications for onsite sewage disposal systems when time and other obligations permit.

James Jacobsen, Project Manager, Webmaster

The Project Manager is responsible for project review, including disposal systems serving 2,000 gallons per day or more, nonresidential waivers to the Minimum Lot Size law, inter-agency reviews involving onsite systems, applications for new products or processes related to onsite sewage disposal systems for use in Maine, and participates in various outreach activities such as contractor certification seminars. The webmaster maintains the program’s web sites.

Brent Lawson, State Plumbing Inspector

The position inspects new and existing onsite sewage disposal system installations and the work and practices of onsite sewage disposal system installers, municipal officers, and Local Plumbing Inspectors. Responsibilities include performing technical inspections, investigations of installations of onsite sewage disposal systems for compliance with Maine State Plumbing Code, Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Rules and related enforcement duties, assisting and supporting Local Plumbing Inspectors and Code Enforcement Officers, and investigations of complaints regarding Local Plumbing Inspectors’ performance.

Vacant, Office Associate I

Thie Office Associate I is responsible for supporting the Program’s Office Associate II; for administration and maintenance of plumbing permit, Site Evaluator, Local Plumbing Inspector, and contractor databases; for issuing plumbing permit labels to Local Plumbing Inspectors; for creating and issuing a quarterly financial report for all Maine municipalities; for issuing plumbing permits when no Local Plumbing Inspector is available for a given community or township; and for coordinating Local Plumbing Inspector appointments to the Unorganized Territories, and with input from State Planning Office appointments to organized municipalities.

Vacant, Office Associate II

The Office Associate II is responsible for handling incoming & outgoing mail, answering phones and answering a lot of the public's questions. Logs all the variances that come in, on the computer, send out letters if they are incomplete. Schedules Public Hearings, mailings, printing, and makes sure things are done on schedule, and assists on entering data.