Emergency Response Plan Handbook

This webpage is a collection of documents intended to aid public water systems in emergency preparedness. The sections and links below make up the sections of the Drinking Water Program's Public Water System Emergency Response Plan Handbook

The Handbook is designed to assist public water systems in assessing their potential vulnerabilities, in preparing basic emergency response procedures or a plan. Also included is regulatory and sampling information useful for small drinking water systems.

Handbook Components

Front Cover (print on brightly colored paper for visibility)

Back Cover (print on brightly colored paper for visibility)

Spine Label (print on brightly colored paper for visibility)

Table of Contents

Section 1: Emergency Information

Security Protocols/Top 10 List

Suggested Measures for Drinking Water and Wastewater Utilities

Section 2: Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Contact Numbers

Maine Television and Radio Stations

Bulk Water Hauling

Planning for Emergencies

Business Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist

Incident Command System Introduction

Section 3: Security Vulnerability Self-Assessment Guide for Small Drinking Water Systems

Section 4: Planning for and Responding to Drinking Water Contamination Threats and Incidents

  • Communications and Notifications
  • Threat Evaluation
  • Site Characterization and Sampling
  • Sample Analysis
  • Response Actions
  • Appendices

Section 5: Small System Guide to Safe Drinking Water Act Regulations

Section 6: Is your well at risk of contamination? Maine's Source Water Assessment Program

Source Assessment Guidelines

System-specific assessment information is available for water systems on the Public Water Resource Information website or contact Robin Frost at 287-8411.

Section 7: Staying in Compliance

Water Sampling and Testing Requirements

Annual testing requirements are mailed to each water system in the first quarter of each year.

Laboratory Test Codes

How to Collect a Water Sample

How long do I need to keep these records? - Record Maintenance

Record Retention List

Boil Water Order Policy

Boil Water Order and Drinking Water Advisory - Community Systems

Boil Water Order and Drinking Water Advisory - Non-Community Systems

Disinfection Procedures

Section 8: Sampling Results

This section is reserved for your use to organize sample results and reports.

Additional Information:

Drinking Water Program Contacts