Water Resources

Water Resources Team (WRT) members provide technical assistance on water resource protection. WRT staff help water systems and other groups protect their drinking water quality through managing grants and loans, wroking cooperatively with other agencies and non-profit groups and providing education and outreach.


Protecting our drinking water
The Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP), mandated by EPA, assesses the vulnerability of the state's public water supplies and provides communities with information and resources to better protect their water sources.

Best Management Practices for Groundwater Protection

Model Wellhead Protection Ordinance (rtf file)

Safe Home Program (pdf file)

Land Acquisition Loan Application (doc file)

Farm-A-Syst Program

Modeling Recharge Zones in Bedrock Aquifers (pdf file)

Wellhead Protection Grants (pdf file)

A Summary of Regulatory Authority to Protect Drinking Water in Maine (pdf file)


Maps and data
Our GIS database helps protect public water sources. This database contains GPS (global positioning system) locations of all public water supply wells and intakes in the State of Maine. A wellhead protection area coverage has also been added. Gravel well delineations and watersheds for surface water supplies will be added as they come available. You can find a list of your county's public water supplies online by clicking here. The Maine Office of GIS also has an internet mapping site where you can find locations of public water supplies in your hometown. Hard copy color maps are also available for municipalities and consultants upon request from Drinking Water Program.

Adopting a Wellhead Protection Ordinance

An Interactive Introduction to a Model Ordinance and Best Management Practices