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FROM:     Edward Bowie, Chairman

date:     December 1, 2009  

subject:  Meeting Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The next Commission meeting will be held on Tuesday January 5, 2010at 9:00 A.M., at the Key Bank Plaza, 286 Water Street, Augusta, ME. 




  • Approve the November 3, 2009 minutes


  • Discuss pending matters, complaints,

responses, application, etc.


  • New Business


  • Public Comments



Minutes of December 1, 2009 Meeting


Members Present:

Ed Bowie, Chairman

Don Robbins, Public Member

Thomas Weddle, MGS

David Braley, DWP

Ike Goodwin, Driller

Dwight Doughty, DOT







Others Present:

Paul Gauvreau, AAG

Jessica Bishop, Board Clerk

Tom Paoletti, Home Owner

Mr. & Mrs. Dunham, Driller








Call to Order:


The Meeting was called to order at 9:03 AM.


Approval of November 3, 2009 meeting minutes:


Tom Weddle motioned to accept the November 2009 minutes. Ike Goodwin 2 nd the motion. Passed


Update on Complaints:


Ellen Paoletti - Dunham Well Drilling:


Ike Goodwin makes a motion that total compensation due to Mr. Dunham is $4,130 for the well properly constructed. $1,940 has already been paid. $2,190 is still owed. Don Robbins 2 nd the motion. Passed.


Violations: Don Robbins made a motion that Mr. Dunham violated 401.5 of the Well Drillers and Pump Installers Rules because the casing seal was leaking. (5 Point violation) Ike Goodwin 2 nd the motion. Commission approved. Passed.


With this new violation Mr. Dunham and Merl “Sam” Dunham Well Drilling have accumulated 16 points under the Commission’s Point System. Points 10 through 14 include a fine of $150 per point and points 15 through 19 have a $200 per point fine. Fines for points 10 and 11 ($300) were paid previously for prior violations. After much discussion concerning penalties for this violation, including the Commission considering the costs to Mr. Dunham for having a replacement well drilled, Don Robbins motioned to follow the Commission’s guidelines found in the Point System and impose a fine of $850, but to suspend all $850 provided that no additional violations for Merl “Sam” Dunham Well Drilling occur through the December 2010 commission meeting. Any additional violations during that time period will result in the fines being imposed. Tom Weddle 2 nd the motion. Commission approved. Passed.



Shay-Bickford Well Drilling:


Dean Getchell inspected well on November 23 rd. He took a water sample that came back good. The submersible pump is stuck in the well. Dean was unable to get the camera down the well past the pitless adaptor. No visual leakage was observed around pitless adaptor or the casing joint weld. The electrical ground at well head is now connected to well case with an approved type of brass ground plug. The pump information has also been added to the well cap and pressure tank.


Ike Goodwin made a motion that the inspection shows that the pitless adaptor and the case joint weld above the pitless adaptor are water tight, which was the primary concern of the complaint. Review of the water analysis shows no reason to believe that there is a problem with surface water entering the well. Don Robbins 2 nd the motion. Passed.


Violations : Don Robbins made a motion that Mr. Bickford violated 600.1 of the Well Driller and Pump Installer Rules by not grounding according to the electrical code. (3 Point violation) Tom Weddle 2 nd the motion. Passed.


David Braley will send a letter to Mr. Bickford informing him that the commission found that he violated 600.1 and therefore 3 additional points have been added against his license. The letter will also update Mr. Bickford concerning total points accumulated to date.


New Complaints:




Closed Complaints :


Ellen Paoletti - Dunham Well Drilling: Customer has a working well and is satisfied. Compensation has been settled. Closed.



Shay-Bickford Well Drilling: David Braley will send a letter to Mr. Shay stating that the Commission has inspected all aspects of his well described in his written complaint and has not found that the pitless adaptor or the weld is leaking. There is no evidence in the water test of surface water coming into the well. Closed.



Specialty Well Applications:


Ike Goodwin recused himself from the voting as the specialty well application involved his company.


David Braley makes a motion to approve the specialty well application with 120 ft of casing. Ed Bowie 2 nd the motion. Commission approved. Passed.


Specialty Well Applications done “in House”


Six SWA were requested in November.


Steve Cirillo – Merl “Sam” Dunham Well Drilling


Nancy Holt – E.A. Cross & Sons


Susan & Paul Gambardella – Burton Page Artesian Wells,



Points East Realty – Shannon Well Drilling


Scott Upham – Temple Well Drilling, Inc.

Jim St. Pierre – Temple Well Drilling, Inc.


Exams requested:




Examinations Passed in November 2009:


Rodney Parr from Boart Longyear Company passed his Master Well Driller Exam.


Peter Belanger of Charlton Well Company, Inc. passed his Master Pump Installer Exam.

New Business:


The Commission’s down-hole camera needs to be repaired in order to provide full inspections. It has been sent to John Guont, who charges $100 to look at the camera. It will probably be $300-1,000 to have it repaired. Camera will light up but not provide video. Commission decided to have him look at it and provide estimates to the commission for repairing it. No word yet from John Guont on the camera.



Discussion was over the proposed geothermal licensing rules. Well Drillers can get an endorsement on their license to do geothermal work. Those licensed as Closed Loop Geothermal Installers, will only be licensed to do geothermal work. From public comment at the hearing a definition for Closed Loop Geothermal Company was added because although there was a fee listed, there was no definition. It was also noted that the rules did not include a definition for Closed Loop Geothermal Installer.


Ike Goodwin made a motion that the new rules be provisionally adopted with a Closed Loop Geothermal Installer definition included. Dwight Doughty 2 nd the motion. Commission approved. Passed.



Meeting Dates for 2010 


          January 5, 2010 July 13, 2010

February 2, 2010 August 3, 2010

March 2, 2010 September 14, 2010

April 6, 2010 October 5, 2010

May 4, 2010 November 2, 2010

June 1, 2010 December 7, 2010


Subject to change.

The next Well Drillers Meeting will be: Tuesday, January 5, 2010, at 9:00, Key Bank, 286 Water Street, Augusta ME.



Meeting Adjourned 11:52 A.M.