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FROM:     Edward Bowie, Chairman


date:     February 3, 2009


subject:  Meeting Tuesday, FEBRUARY 3, 2009


The next Commission meeting will be held on Tuesday March 3, 2009 at 9:00 A.M., at the Key Bank Plaza, 286 Water Street, Augusta ME. 





1.  Approve the February 3, 2009 minutes


2.  Discuss pending matters, complaints,

Responses, application, etc.


3.  New Business


4.  Public Comments



Minutes of February 3, 2009 Meeting


Members Present:

Ed Bowie, Chairman

Dwight Doughty, DOT

Don Robbins, Public Member

Thomas Weddle, MGS

Ike Goodwin, Driller

David Braley, DWP







Others Present:

Paul Gauvreau, AAG

Carol Champagne, Board Clerk

Joe Gallant, Driller

Dean Getchell, Inspector

Ed Gallant, Driller

Chris Palmer, East Coast Explorations





Call to Order:


The Meeting was called to order at 9:10 AM.


Approval of January 6, 2008 meeting minutes:


Don Robbins motioned to accept the December 2008 minutes after changing two typos.  David Braley 2nd the motion.  Passed


Financial Report: 


David Braley is meeting with Cori Dionne this coming week for an update on the financial status of the Commission.


About 90% of the driller’s and pump installers have renewed their licenses.  That leaves about 10% that will have to pay a $50 late fee.


Update on Complaints:


Ellen Paoletti - Dunham Well Drilling:


The Commission discussed the case to make sure there were no misunderstandings with the corrective action and who will take care of the cost to repair the well. 






Fred Perry  -  Noble Smith:


David Braley will send a letter to Fred Perry and Noble Smith on the concern of considerable risk of contamination to public health and the aquifer.  Ike Goodwin motioned to move the case to the Attorney Generals Office for enforcement.  Don Robbins 2nd the motion.  Passed         


New Complaints:


          Joanna Raggiani vs Stanley Hillock Well Drilling:

          The problem was lost pressure in the well and no water.  The pump is under warranty. The pump and well were done in 2006, over 24 months ago therefore, the Commission has no jurisdiction over complaints more than 2 years old.  Ike Goodwin motioned to deny the complaint because the well and pump was drilled in 2006.  Don Robbins 2nd the motion.  Passed David Braley will send a letter explaining her options.


Closed Complaints:




Specialty Well Applications:




Specialty Well Applications done in House”




Exams requested:


Chris Palmer, from East Coast Explorations, request to sit for the Master Driller and Master Pump Installer’s exams. The Commission request more reference on water well drilling from James Philbrick Well Drilling.


Arthur Leroy Muncey Jr, from Weeks & Sons Well Drilling, request to sit for the Journeyman Pump Installers Exam.  After the correct signatures are on the correct form the request is accepted by the Commission. 


Examinations Passed in January 2009:  




New Business:




      Ike Goodwin passed out a copy of the “Act Relating to Geo-thermal Heat Exchange Wells”.  Discussion followed.

      Geo-Thermal wells will be regulated by the Well Driller and Pump Installer’s Commission and the DEP.


      The MGWA and the Commission are closer to the Legislation Hearing Process.  Hopefully come to an agreement early during 2009.


      Dwight Doughty motion to support regulation of oversight of Geo-thermal wells.  Don Robbins 2nd the motion.  Passed


Meeting Dates for 2009 


          January 6, 2009         July 7, 2009

          February 3, 2009        August 4, 2009

          March 3, 2009           September 1, 2009

          April 7, 2009           October 6, 2009

          May 5, 2009             November 3, 2009

          June 2, 2009            December 1, 2009


Subject to change.


The next Well Drillers Meeting will be:  Tuesday March 3, 2009, at 9:00, Key Bank, 286 Water Street, Augusta ME.



Meeting Adjourned 11:20 A.M.