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FROM:     Edward Bowie, Chairman


date:     June 3, 2009


subject:  Meeting Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The next Commission meeting will be held on Tuesday July 7, 2009 at 9:00 A.M., at the Key Bank Plaza, 286 Water Street, Augusta, ME. 





1.  Approve the June 2, 2009 minutes


2.  Discuss pending matters, complaints,

responses, application, etc.


3.  New Business


4.  Public Comments



Minutes of June 2, 2009 Meeting


Members Present:

Ed Bowie, Chairman

Dwight Doughty, DOT

Don Robbins, Public Member

Thomas Weddle, MGS

David Braley, DWP

Ike Goodwin, Driller







Others Present:

Paul Gauvreau, AAG

Carol Champagne, Board Clerk

Dean Getchell, Inspector









Call to Order:


The Meeting was called to order at 9:05 AM.


Approval of May 5, 2009 meeting minutes:


A Correction was made to the May minutes. The date of June 15, 2009 was added to Ms Paoletti time for corrective action to be done. Don Robbins motioned to accept the May 2009 minutes as amended. Dwight Doughty 2nd the motion.Passed


Open seat on the Commission:


†††† While the Legislature is in session the Commission appointments are on hold until after the close of the Legislature session.David Braley will check with the Governorís Office for the replacement for Glenn Dyer whose term expired.


Update on Complaints:


Ellen Paoletti - Dunham Well Drilling:


Ike Goodwin made a motion that if the Commission has receive no word from Mr. Dunham by June 16, 2009, a registered letter will be sent to Mr. Dunham informing him of consideration of what action will be taken by the July 7, 2009 meeting,possibly license suspension.Don Robbins 2nd the motion.Passed


New Complaints: ††


An Attorney for Marquis Well Drilling (Mr. Frank Bishop Sr) sent in a request for the Commission to perform an inspection on a well owned by Robert & Diane Berube.


†††† Private parties cannot use the Commission to do what they request.This is a civil case.Ike Goodwin made a motion to deny Mr. Bishopís request on bases itís not a legitimate compliant.The well is over 24 months old and the Commission is not accepting the complaint on behalf of the driller.The Commissionís purpose is to protect the safety of Maineís groundwater and public health. Don Robbins 2nd the motion.Passed


John Desjardins:History of Well Problems & Complaints


Ike Goodwin spoke with Mr. Desjardins and explained the 24 month rule and process. This complaint is on Code of Ethics.


The Commission read the complaint and Don Robbins made a motion to request information from the driller, Dan Woodsome Mr. LaFlamme and Nick Swett and John H Swett. The motion was 2nd and passed.Ike Goodwin made a motion to send Dean Getchell to inspect the well, pump system and flow rate and to check the original pump. Don Robbins 2nd the motion.Passed


Dean Look vs Maine Well & Pump:


Dwight Doughty recused himself.The Commission found no complaint.The town CEO was questioning set back issues.

Closed Complaints: None



Specialty Well Applications:




Specialty Well Applications done in HouseĒ


†††† †††† Garry Sandford Ė Estey Water Wells


Exams requested:


Ben Faulkner requested to sit for the Master Well Driller & Master Pump Installer exams.Ike Goodwin motion to accept the application and Don Robbins 2nd the motion.Approved by the Commission.


James E Carr requested to sit for the Master Well Driller Exam Ike Goodwin motion to accept the application. Don Robbins 2nd the motion. Accepted by the Commission.


Examinations Passed in May 2009:


Ryan Ball from Hatch Well Drillers passed his Master Well Driller & Master Pump Installer exams.

New Business:


The MGWA is closer to the requirement of licensing.By August there should be a public hearing.


Geo-Thermal: A lot of work is being done by the Legislature Committee. The focus for now is the licensing.


Meeting Dates for 2009 


          January 6, 2009†††††††† July 7, 2009

††††††††† February 3, 2009††††††† August 4, 2009

††††††††† March 3, 2009†††††††††† September 1, 2009

††††††††† April 7, 2009†††††††††† October 6, 2009

††††††††† May 5, 2009†††††††††††† November 3, 2009

††††††††† June 2, 2009††††††††††† December 1, 2009


Subject to change.


The next Well Drillers Meeting will be:Tuesday July 7, 2009, at 9:00, Key Bank, 286 Water Street, Augusta ME.



Meeting Adjourned 12:25 P.M.