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FROM:     Edward Bowie, Chairman


date:     MARCH 6, 2009


subject:  Meeting Tuesday, MARCH 3, 2009


The next Commission meeting will be held on Tuesday April 7, 2009 at 9:00 A.M., at the Key Bank Plaza, 286 Water Street, Augusta, ME. 





1.  Approve the March 3, 2009 minutes


2.  Discuss pending matters, complaints,

responses, application, etc.


3.  New Business


4.  Public Comments



Minutes of March 3, 2009 Meeting


Members Present:

Ed Bowie, Chairman

Dwight Doughty, DOT

Don Robbins, Public Member

Thomas Weddle, MGS

David Braley, DWP








Others Present:

Paul Gauvreau, AAG

Carol Champagne, Board Clerk

Dean Getchell, Inspector









Call to Order:


The Meeting was called to order at 9:10 AM.


Approval of February 3, 2008 meeting minutes:


Don Robbins motioned to accept the February 2009 minutes. Dwight Doughty 2nd the motion.  Passed


Financial Report: 


David Braley presented the Commission with 2009, 2010, and 2011 budgets.


In the future the Commission may regulate Geo-Thermo wells.


Update on Complaints:


Ellen Paoletti - Dunham Well Drilling:


On hold until spring.


Closed Complaints:


Fred Perry  -  Noble Smith:  


The well installed by Perry has been abandoned. Closed


New Complaints:   None


Specialty Well Applications:




Specialty Well Applications done in House”




Exams requested:




Examinations Passed in January 2009:  




New Business:


      Geo-Thermal: A bill has been introduced to the Legislature by the MGWA to give the Commission authority to regulate geo-thermal wells in the same way it currently regulates drinking water wells.  License requirements, location and construction standards would be developed using rule making procedures.


      Dean Getchell had questions concerning the inspection of geo-thermal wells.  Some geo-thermal wells will be able to be inspected (standing column for example) and some won’t (DX).  The inspections may include sampling for anti freeze and/or refrigerant leaking into groundwater.


      DEP will continue to regulate the discharge of any bleed water or chemicals to the environment.


      The Well Driller’s Commission would regulate location, design and construction of the well.



      Commission re-appointments:


      Dwight Doughty motioned to nominate Ed Bowie as the Commission Chairman for another term. Don Robbins 2nd the motion.  Passed and accepted by Mr. Bowie.


      DEP’s proposed well abandonment procedure.  The Commission reviewed and discussed the DEP’s proposed well abandonment procedures and concurred.  The Commission also wanted to thank DEP for the opportunity to comment on their procedure. 


      Mr. Bowie noted a need for schooling and educational opportunities for the well drilling trade.  Many trades are using schools as a substitute for apprenticeships.  The trade risks a future with a shortage of qualified tradesmen. 


      Drilling as a “family” run business is not as popular as it used to be.


Meeting Dates for 2009 


          January 6, 2009         July 7, 2009

          February 3, 2009        August 4, 2009

          March 3, 2009           September 1, 2009

          April 7, 2009           October 6, 2009

          May 5, 2009             November 3, 2009

          June 2, 2009            December 1, 2009


Subject to change.


The next Well Drillers Meeting will be:  Tuesday April 7, 2009, at 9:00, Key Bank, 286 Water Street, Augusta ME.



Meeting Adjourned 10:05 A.M.