General Instructions for Monthly Operating Reports

  1. Systems less than 10,000 in population do not have to fill out the “individual filter turbidity” section on the SWTR sheet until 2005, and the DBPR sheet until 2004.
  2. To conserve your yellow printer ink, print the forms in black and white. You can also fill them out by hand, if you wish. Please print to full scale, each sheet should be one page.
  3. Only use the forms that you need, the system type is listed in the top left hand corner of each form.
  4. If you need a form that isn’t provided or you need a variation of one that is provided contact me and I will make one for you.
  5. Do not change anything on the forms even the order or format of the months, for example if the month reads “January” you do not need to change this to “January-01”, if you need something changed let me know and I can do it for you, this way all the forms stay the same.
  6. Check back for updates frequently, the forms will each have a label, for example MOR-001 and the revisions will be labeled, for example MOR-001-Rev 1.
  7. Submit only one set of forms to the Drinking Water Program. Do not send multiple copies.
  8. If you are filling the forms out electronically you only need to fill in the yellow boxes, the white boxes will calculate themselves. If in the transfer of data from SCADA the boxes turn white, don’t worry about it. If you are filling then in by hand you will need to perform your own calculations.
  9. Fill in as much of the sheets as you can, if you don’t have the capacity at this time to report the needed data (something that you were not reporting before), just leave it blank.
  10. To copy a sheet and place it somewhere else – put the arrow over the sheet tab that you want to move or copy (they are the tabs located at the bottom of the workbook), right click, select “move or copy”, select where you want to move the sheet (click the copy box if you want to make a copy). Do not copy and paste.
  11. To fill in the check boxes on the forms - put the arrow over the box so that the four way arrows is showing then double click, under “fill” select the color black – hit OK.

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Please direct questions to your Compliance Officer.