HIV, STD, and Viral Hepatitis Program

Program Contacts and Information - Viral Hepatitis Program

The Viral Hepatitis Program is a federally funded State of Maine program dedicated to preventing and controlling adult viral hepatitis.  This involves collaborating with local, state, and national public health programs that work with high risk individuals e.g. STD, HIV, Immunization, and Infectious Disease, as well as correctional health, substance abuse treatment programs, syringe exchange, and medical organizations providing primary and specialty care and treatment.

Primary Activities

  • Training, providing technical assistance and test kits for 18 free hepatitis C testing and counseling sites in the State;
  • Training, providing technical assistance and adult hepatitis vaccine for 8 agencies (and their satellite sites) serving persons at high risk for viral hepatitis in the State;
  • Maintaining a viral hepatitis resource guide to assist with coordination of referral services for medical evaluation and case management; 
  • Training and educating the general public and professionals serving at-risk adults about viral hepatitis through events such as Hepatitis Awareness Month;
  • Providing consultation for professionals and the public about viral hepatitis prevention, transmission, diagnosis, and treatment on a daily basis;
  • Collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and disseminating Maine hepatitis C surveillance data that are used for promoting awareness among the general public, persons at-risk and professionals working with them about the scope of hepatitis C epidemic;
  • Conducting case investigations related to acute hepatitis C infections.

Sample Indicators

  • Number, rates, proportion of hepatitis C infection for acute and chronic infections.  These data are available by basic demographic and in some cases risk factor information. Data is primarily shared via the following reports:
    • Annual Epidemiologic Reports
    • Individual data requests

Data Collected and Available:

  • Aggregate demographics, hepatitis C risk factors (for some data), and hepatitis C test results.

2011 Data

  • Number of acute hepatitis C cases: 12
  • Number of hepatitis C, past or present infections: 1,184
  • Estimated persons infected with hepatitis C in Maine: 21 - 26,000*
  • Number of unduplicated cases: >17,000

Cross Program Collaborations: Development of a hepatitis B vaccine campaign for MSM in collaboration with Infectious Disease Epidemiology and HIV Prevention, ongoing collaboration with HIV and STD contracted sites to provide free hepatitis C testing and counseling; ongoing collaboration with Immunization to provide free adult hepatitis vaccine to 21 sites.


The Viral Hepatitis Program currently receives funding from the following sources:

  • U. S. CDC, Division of Viral Hepatitis (2012-2013): $109,022
  • U.S. CDC Preventative Health and Health Services Block Grant (2010-2011): $27,500

Staff Capacity

1 - Full Time Employee
1 - 12 hour/week Employee

Resource Tools:

National Affiliations

  • U.S. CDC, Division of Viral Hepatitis
  • National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD)
  • Northeast Hepatitis Coordinators’ Alliance (NEHCA)

*Estimate based on U.S. CDC prevalence estimate of 1.6%.  Does not include institutionalized populations.