Maine Immunization Program - Information for Providers

IIS to/from VacMan Exchange Tools

MIP Vision:

To reduce dual data entry between the IIS and external tools; VacMan, CASA, Optical Character Reader and Specialized services.

Vaccine Management - VacMan:

The Maine Immunization Program has had linkages to the CDC VacMan product for nearly 10 years. Maine staff have spoken at various national, local, and directed events over that period of time and has continuously offered to share its knowledge and experience with those interested.

In 2004, the Maine Immunization Program began a redeployment of its Immunization Information System. After an extensive review of available Public Domain architectures, options for a new customized application, and available Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products the State of Maine chose its direction. Maine chose to establish the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR) as the base architecture, and enlisted (through RFP) the services of Scientific Technologies Corp as the redeployment and maintenance vendor.

Utilizing the experiences of the Maine Immunization Program and the existing functionality of the original Maine solution (ImmPact) as their guide, the MIP staff and STC began shaping the base WIR product to meet their needs. The effort over the past several years have resulted in a progressive and metered approach and evolved to include much more than the original Vaccine Management capabilities of ImmPact.

ImmPact Total Inventory Management System (TIMS), includes but is not limited to;

IIS to VacMan:

  • Site Demographics; site name, site pin, site contact demographics, site vaccine management demographics, facility type, VFC Status, shipping instructions
  • Physicians/Clinician; name, title, dea number, license number, medicaid number
  • Vaccine Transactions; vaccine adjustments, vaccine transfers, inventory on-hand, direct ship vaccine order, warehouse ship vaccine order, vaccine usage

VacMan (or equivilent) to IIS:


  • * McKesson shipping import (xls) via Automated Data Import Module.
  • * SDN (Pending) Update. Once the SDN is timely ADIM or DLL will be modified to move the Receipt Information up into the IIS.

Optical Character Reader to IIS (all ages/practices):

  • Provider Usage; Pin, vaccine type, age range, aggregate dose administered, aggregate dose adjustments.
  • Provider Ordering; Pin, vaccine type, vaccine quantity requested.
  • Cold Chain; monthly temperature logs

Within the Maine IIS is the functional capacity to manage all the data elements, data streams, and to make those elements available for use within the system.

Extended system functionality;

While not data exchange, the following functions are enabled by our systems capacity to exchange vaccine management data. Without that capacity, we would not have the personnel required to hand key data between our IIS and VacMan, let alone to also perform the following activities within the IIS;

  • VFC Annual Agreement Integrated with Org/Site Management,
  • Vaccine Administration on a per dose level
  • Program Activity Tracker (Track VFC and Program related interventions across all 12 Grant Components)
  • CASA-Like Reports (Up To Date Report and Immunization Coverage Reports)
  • CASA Extract via GUI based functionality
  • Medicaid Well Child Forms
  • Obesity Data Collection
  • School Access (View Only and Non-Validated Dose Collection)
  • Ability to Import/Export the Vaccine Schedule for centralized maintanance and contracting
  • CDC Annual Report Generation

In reference to the capabilities and functionality indicated above we are providing the following technical resources. These resources are Public Domain and may not be sold, redistributed, or otherwise used for purposes not intended by the CDC or the State of Maine.

VacMan.dll: The middleware developed and in use since 1998, and utilized to facilitate the Maine IIS data exchange from ImmPact with VacMan.

VacMan.dll (uncompressed): Non-Compiled version of the current DLL utilized to facilitate the Maine IIS data exchange from ImmPact with VacMan

Maine's Implementation of the WIR based code is available by contacting the State of Wisconsin Immunization Program. The State of Maine anticipates a new release for April 11th, 2008 and code will be forwarded to Wisconsin for distribution.

For more information: Call (207)287-3746 or 1-800-867-4775 (ME Only) 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday thru Friday