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Maine CDC Local Health Officer online training can be accessed here: LHO Training Program or at the Maine CDC website.

This initial training of all current Local Health Officers must be completed within 6 months of the town's official appointment.

Completion of this online training will meet the requirement of the rule and qualify a duly appointed individual to function as a municipal LHO. In addition to providing basic training, this web-based program will provide useful links, references and resources to guide you in fulfilling your duties as an LHO.

Minimum computer requirements:

  • Internet Connection:
    The entire site can be viewed using a variety of Internet connection speeds. There are a few slideshows that may be slower than the rest of the site to download. The text of each slideshow can be viewed by accessing the link just below the slideshow.
  • Browser Requirements:
    The newest versions of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox are recommended. The course has been tested with older versions and you should have at a minimum, Internet Explorer 6.0 or Mozilla FireFox 1.0

If your computer does not meet these minimum requirements, your town library or municipal offices may have compatible computers for your use.

If you need assistance or have questions about the training, do not hesitate to contact Judy Gopaul ,State Local Health Officer Coordinator at 287-4397 or Judy Gopaul J.D.,MPPM.